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Choose one of my wheel thrown pots,
and 40 to 70 tail hairs from your horse,
and you will have a unique,
one-of-a-kind, beautiful memory pot of your horse,
or a wonderful gift for someone.  
FEB.  HEADS UP, I HAVE DECIDED TO MOVE TO AN INDEPENDENT LIVING COMPLEX AND THERE IS NO PLACE FOR ME TO DO THE POTS THERE, SO IF YOU WANT A POT, OR ARE THINKING ABOUT IT NOW IS THE TIME.  NOT SURE IF IT WILL BE IN 2 OR 6 MO.  This is a sad business, but I have derived pleasure at being able to make the memory pots with you horses's hair for you and I will miss you and your horse's stories.


When you send me your tail hairs, it is a very short turn-around  time.   I get them out on average in three days.  

I throw the pots on the wheel, let them get leather hard and trim them.  When they are bone dry, I put a very fine clay slip (up to 5 coats) on the pot and burnish it to a soft sheen.  I then fire them to about 1600 degrees.   When you select a pot, I re-heat it to about 900 degrees and pull it out of the kiln and lay your horse hair on it.   You know what happens when you burn hair, besides stink, it wiggles and squiggles all over the pot, leaving dark carbon lines and smoke tracings.  After the pot is cool, I clean it, let it dry completely and then put 3-4 coats of wax on it and buff it to a soft gloss.   Each one is different due to the condition and length of the hair (tail hair is really the best), the thickness of the pot walls, the outside temperature and the exact temperature the pot actually gets to.   It is a little like Goldilocks fairy tail.   If it's too cool, the hair won't leave dark enough lines, if it gets too hot, the heat just blows the hair away from the pot.   If it is just a little too hot, the contraction of the burning hair on the pot will crack it.   It has to be just right!   It is a very serendipitous firing and I think quite beautiful.  

I enjoy playing in the clay and making a beautiful pot and making a memory of your special horse in something you can display in your home.  Every pot is different.  Due to Murphy's Law, about one in 60 will break in the firing process.   I always try to save a little hair back in case we have to make a second choice.  Some of you only have access to a small amount of hair from a past loved horse and I don't want to lose it all.  I will also engrave the name of your horse on the bottom of the pot.
All of my pots are different, due to my throwing skills (or lack thereof) or my adult attention deficit, I don't do any two that are exactly alike.  I'm happy just letting the clay tell my fingers what it wants to be.    So what you see on the pages of blank pots is what I have on hand at the time. 

I ship by US Postal service, usually parcel post, it is the most economical.   Because I am so reasonable on my prices, I ask you to pay the postage.   I pack them very well and have had no breakage, so far.  I don't ask you to pay until you receive the pot intact and like it.   When I get it mailed, I send you an email with the postage costs and a photo of the finished pot.   I have not had any problems with this kind of payment plan.   Horse and garden people are very honest.  I'll do it this way till someone violates this honor system, but you're all just nice people and I love to hear about your horses.  It makes it more personal for me also.   You can contact me at:  (602) 246-0118  

terra cotta

The hair can be sent to:  Ida May Bradbury, 4142 No. 33rd Drive, Phoenix AZ 85017.    I have moved the text giving the number of the pot, the dimensions and the price from to top of the picture to the bottom of the picture.   I hope this makes it easier to identify the pot you want.   Please double check your choice.   You can contact me at:  NEW

Other work of mine

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